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Just Breathe Yoga

Children are natural yogis. Using tried and tested games, stories and songs to introduce children to yoga and build a foundation for a life of health & well being. Fun themed adventures are a guaranteed way to engage young children in a safe, fun class that is non- competitive giving them a new found confidence to respect those around them & the world that they live in.

Core strength Vinyassa yoga


Fun Yoga classes for adults and children with a qualified yoga teacher with 12 years experience.

Yoga Alliance U.K. registered.

Relax & Renew Yoga 

This is a gentler form of yoga to help ease tired muscles and minds. Gentle stretches combined with core strength in a slow flowing  yoga style  with breathing & relaxation techniques to revitalize you from the inside out.These classes are open to all levels.  

Children's yoga

Core Strength Vinyassa Yoga is a dynamic form of yoga which focusses on accessing and activating the deep core line. Combining breath with a flowing and creative style of yoga, It is aimed at the "young at heart" . This challenging class incorporates an eclectic mix of yoga styles to help you develop core strength and flexibility. It will definitely take your yoga to the next level.


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